1. What is Geneinno S1
Geneinno S1 is a high performance, affordably priced underwater scooter.

2.How much does Geneinno S1 weight?

Geneinno S1 weighs just 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg).

3.What are the dimensions of the Geneinno S1?
The Geneinno S1 is 500x209x226mm

4.How fast does Geneinno S1 go in the water?
Geneinno S1 travels at two speeds: a high speed of 4 mph (6.5 km/h) and a low speed of 2.2 mph (3.6 km/h).

5.Are there international plugs available to charge the battery in different countries and regions?
Geneinno S1 will have US, UK, EU and CN plugs to meet the specific needs of different regions.

6.How long does it take to charge Geneinno S1?
Geneinno S1’s battery takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

7.Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. Geneinno S1 is covered by a 1- year warranty.

8.How deep can I dive with Geneinno S1?
Geneinno S1 can withstand depths of up to 164 ft (50 m). However, we recommend that you only use it to dive to depths that you have training, certification, and equipment for.

9.How much thrust does Geneinno S1 produce underwater?
Geneinno S1 can produce up to a powerful 26.5 lbs (12 kg) of thrust.

10.Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?
The backer is responsible, please check your country's import duties before purchasing.