Geneinno T1 Pro: Expert-level ROV compatible with multiple external eq

Geneinno T1 Pro: Expert-level ROV compatible with multiple external equipment

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Tether length: 150m
Area: North America
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4K high-definition

Underwater photography

Geneinno T1 Pro has built-in 4K high-definition camera function, which canperfectly

complete underwater news, movies, documentaries, and creative wedding photography.

Use the coolest lens to open the door to the underwater world for you.

Max Sailing Speed up to 1.5m/s


Ultra-long Battery life,

Funny Journey


Geneinno T1 Pro has a maximum battery life of 4 hours

and it will double with the external LED battery. Charge for 2 hours,

and a full day of swimming! Do not worry about not seeing more

exciting pictures because of insufficient power.

Underwater Live-streaming

You can designed this underwater drone to be used in education, fact finding,

sea exploration, news reports, and more. To do that, we designed it

to be capable of crystal clear live streaming,with a maximum

transmission rate of 433 Mbps using the 5.0 Hz WiFi Repeater.

Immersive view  

Special designed the high/low heading,

Geneinno T1 Pro hovers and curses while it tilt up/down at 60°

capture the underwater footage in a spectacular view.

The exclusive underwater robotic arm is

able tofinish more sampling and

exploration work and it comes with

various claws. What's more, it can also

be equiped with External laser ruler,

water quality detector, sonar, thermometer, etc.

Social Media Integration

It's one thing to capture underwater photos and video.

But you're going to want to share your findings.

Our application allows you to share your imagery to social media with only one click.

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