Geneinno S1


1.How fast does Geneinno S1 go in the water?

Geneinno S1 travels at two speeds: a high speed of 4 mph (6.5 km/h) and a low speed of 2.2 mph (3.6 km/h).

2.Are there international plugs available to charge the battery in different countries and regions?

Geneinno S1 will have US, UK, EU and CN plugs to meet the specific needs of different regions.

3.How long does it take to charge Geneinno S1?

Geneinno S1 battery takes 90 minutes to fully charge. 


4.How deep can I dive with Geneinno S1?

Geneinno S1 can withstand depths of up to 164 ft (50 m). However, we recommend that you only use it to dive to depths that you have training, certification, and equipment for.


5.How much thrust does Geneinno S1 produce underwater?

Geneinno S1 can produce up to a powerful 26.5 lbs (12 kg) of thrust.


Geneinno T1

1.Does the drone automatically stabilize at a desired depth?

Titan could stabilize at a certain depth if you hit the function button on the app.

2.Does the wifi control module have to be kept on dry land? Can it be floated?

The wifi module couldn't float on the water, cause it's ip57 rating waterproof. It can withstand water, but not like being immersed of float on water for too long. So we can't suggest that put it in the water.

3.Is it possible to move Geneinno T1 sideways at a fixed depth and heading?

It's possible to make the drone lean but not sway at a fixed depth and heading.

4.What's the record time on the onboard internal storage?

The record time on the internal 32 G storage would be like 4 hrs for 4K and 8 hrs for 1080 P.

5.How to put on filters?

You could just tighten it on the metal plates around the camera.