Geneinno T1 Pro: Expert-level ROV compatible with multiple external eq

Geneinno T1 Pro: Expert-level ROV compatible with multiple external equipment

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Tether length: 150m
Area: North America
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Geneinno T1 Pro ROV: better league

The industrial light-duty underwater robot equipped with 12MP camera that supports sonar, water quality detector, laser scaler and various extensions to fulfil needs of multi-scenarios.

What is GENEINNO T1 Pro?
Geneinno T1 Pro is the deepest light-duty industry underwater drone, diving up to 574ft, Geneinno T1 Pro can be equipped with the robotic arm, sonar, water quality detector, laser ranging.

What's the max depth GENEINNO T1 Pro can reach?
GENEINNO T1 Pro is able to dive up to 574ft(175m)

How long can GENEINNO T1 Pro run underwater?
GENEINNO T1 Pro supports up to 4 hours underwater explore, and you can add the extral battery package extends to 8 hours.

Does the WIFI control module bavg to be kept on dry land? Can it be floated?
The WIFI module couldn't float on the water, cause it's ip57 rating waterproof. It can withstand water, but not like being immersed of float on water for too long. So, we don't suggest that put it in the water.

What's the pins of the connection on GENEINNO T1 Pro?
The top connection got 4 pins two points power source and the other 2 are PLC+and n/a The bottom connection got 8 pins for the other payload,e.g. the sonar or the robotic am.

What's the record time on the onboard internal storage?
The record time on the interna 128Gb storage would be like 16 hours for 4K and 32 hours for 1080P.

Is it possible to move the GENEINNO T1 Pro sideways at a fixed depth and heading?
Its possible to make the drone lean and sway(with lateral thruster) at a fixed depth and heading.

Who is responsible for any additional taxes,duties or VAT?
The customer is responsible,please check your countrys import duties before purchasing.

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